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Our Business

Mondaine Fiduciary is a Nationally represented Independent Fiduciary Services Firm, which was founded to facilitate professional fiduciary and administrative services to our clients and our business community. 

Mondaine Fiduciary is uniquely positioned and in association with reputable Legal, Accountancy and Estate Administration Firms, to render holistic Estate Planning advice, Deceased Estate Administration, and indemnity solutions to cover Estate Fees. In addition to adhering to all legal requirements and specific legacy requirements, our services are tailored to each client.

Our Services
  • Estate Planning and relevant legal and financial advice

  • Drafting of legally executable Last Wills and Testaments

  • Provision of legacy planning solutions to cover Estate Fees

  • Estate Administration

  • Trusts Administration

  • Safekeeping of Client Wills

  • Setting up and Adminstration of inter vivos (family) Trusts

  • Testamentary Trust Administration

  • Independent Trustees

Proper estate planning and implementation of a legally executable Will, will protect your legacy beyond your living years


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